The Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering, and Management Sciences (BUITEMS) located in Pakistan is dedicated to providing quality education with a focus on research and equipping students to be productive members of society while contributing to the socio-economic uplift of Pakistan in general, and the region of Balochistan in particular.

BUITEMS believes that quality education benefits society only if it is translated into economic activity resulting in economic growth. Therefore, BUITEMS has incorporated entrepreneurship in its curricula for all major degree programs and has also encouraged its students and alumni to plan their own start-ups. To extend support to its students the university, in collaboration with the Ministry of Information Technology, established a National Incubation Center (NIC).

The NIC is a pro-innovation hub and business accelerator that provides a platform to budding entrepreneurs to demonstrate their talent and passion to solve the problems of the province and beyond. With its state-of-art facilities, the NIC is developing initiatives to become an engine of social transformation and economic growth. The NIC aims to support youth to develop sustainable and impactful start-up firms.

The Department of Management Sciences offers a range of undergraduate, graduate and PhD programs on business administration and business studies. The Department of Management Sciences has small and medium enterprises as part of its research priorities to develop ideas and proposals in this field with a focus on local needs.

The university also recently launched the Enterprise Challenge Programme, an inter-school competition designed to inspire and instill entrepreneurial and business acumen among young people and to encourage them to consider entrepreneurship as a career option.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Center of Excellence aims to empower youth with vocational training and foreign languages courses. In addition, the institution has formally adopted the “Outcome Based Education” (OBE) strategy for enabling students to focus on valuable skills and knowledge and learn at their own pace. The university also organizes the Undergraduate Research Colloquium, in which undergraduate students present their final year projects to industry representatives for job placement and start-up opportunities.

The Hub has also carried out the Entrepreneurial Idea Exhibition to cultivate the mindset of a successful entrepreneur by offering entrepreneurship courses and encouraging students to innovate solutions and display their business ideas.

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