Monmouth University, a UNAI member based in New Jersey, USA, will host its 13th annual Global Understanding Convention from 7 – 11 April, under the overall theme, Towards global equality: education, dignity, prosperity.

The convention will kick off with the third United Nations Academic Impact Lecture, which this year will be delivered by Dr. Azza Karam, Senior Adviser on Social and Cultural Development at UNFPA.  Other speakers to address the five-day convention include Mr. David Zirin, author and sports correspondent for The Nation, who will lead a conversation about using commercial platform of sports to speak out against social injustice; and Mr. John K Werner, Co-Founder of Citizens Schools, who will discuss Innovative Education Initiatives.

The convention, organized by Monmouth's Institute for Global Understanding, will feature more than 40 panels committed to raising public awareness of the ways in which communities around the world continue to struggle with issues of social inequality and injustice as they pertain to opportunities, representation, human rights and resources.

In a message from the organizers, Dr. Jennifer Shamrock and Dr. George Gonzales, Chair and Co-Chair, expressed their hope that the convention would inspire all to consider ways we each may continue to educate ourselves and others about inequality as it impacts lives and communities around the world.

For the complete programme of the convention and information about registration, please visit: