The United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) is holding a global conversation with scholars, educators, researchers and students to discuss priorities for the future, obstacles to achieving them, and the role of global academic cooperation in addressing global issues. Please see below the details of the next webinar in the UNAI Digital Dialogue Series:

Title: Countering Racism through Education

Date: Thursday, 18 March 2021 (ahead of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination)

Time: 10am to 11:30am [New York time]

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Objective: This webinar will examine the crosscutting impacts of racism (social, economic, political, legal, etc.), how racial disparities have been highlighted and exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the role of higher education in advancing measures to promote racial diversity and inclusion, with particular focus on education, student engagement and work at the community level to counter racism.

Confirmed guest speakers:

  • Dr. Ahmed Reid, Member of the United Nations Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent, Associate Professor of Caribbean History at the Bronx Community College of the City University of New York (United States) and Expert on Slavery Resistance and Abolition
  • Dr. Stephanie Shonekan, Co-Director of the Michael A. Middleton Center for Race, Citizenship and Justice at the University of Missouri (United States), Co-Founder of the 'Race and the American Story Project' and Co-Editor of the book Black Resistance in the Americas
  • Prof. Vincent M. Southerland, Executive Director of the Center on Race, Inequality and the Law at New York University (United States). Former Public Defender at Federal Defenders of New York and former Senior Civil Rights Lawyer at the Legal Defense and Educational Fund of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
  • Dr. Yasuko Takezawa, Professor of Cultural Anthropology at the Institute for Research in Humanities of Kyoto University (Japan), Leader of the Research Project on 'Processes and Mechanisms of Racialization' and Author of the book Racial Representations in Asia
  • Dr. Federico Navarrete, Professor of the Seminar 'Thinking against Racism' at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico), Member of the Network for Interdisciplinary Research on Identities, Racism and Xenophobia in Latin America, and Author of the book Racist Mexico: A complaint
  • Dr. Rachel Sharples, Senior Researcher in the 'Challenging Racism Project' hosted by the School of Social Sciences and Member of the Diversity and Human Rights Research Centre at Western Sydney University (Australia) -UNAI SDG Hub for Goal 10- as well as Author of the book Spaces of Solidarity