Planned Activities

The UN Technology Bank is in advanced discussions with partners to commence the following activities in 2020.


Intellectual Property Training and Technical Assistance

The UN Technology Bank assists least developed countries in building their national and regional capacities in the areas of Intellectual Property Rights and technology related regulations. To this end an Intellectual Property Bank will be established within the UN Technology Bank to act as a conduit between Intellectual Property holders and relevant actors in least developed countries and to to facilitate access and use of appropriate Intellectual Property Rights covering desired technologies. The UN Technology Bank will also help least developed countries identify, access and use appropriate technologies no longer protected by intellectual property rights.


Facilitating Transfer of Technologies

Innovation and technological change, particularly in least developed countries, involves adapting existing products and processes to achieve higher levels of productivity, as applicable to local contexts. The ability of local firms and enterprises to access technological and managerial know-how is fundamental in shaping their ability to provide the products and services essential to improving living standards and promoting growth and competitiveness.

The UN Technology Bank will work as an effective long term intermediary to develop capacity in absorption, adaptation, human capital formation and promotion of technology transfer on mutually agreed terms. It will also serve as a conduit to connect potential entrepreneurs with existing sources of research and development so as to support the creation of new inventions, ventures and companies.

The UN Technology Bank will work with national stakeholders to establish and support technology transfer offices. These will function as the interface between researchers, scientists and innovators and the industry as well as facilitate the process of bringing research developments to market.


Regional Innovation Hubs

Research and innovation are drivers and critical sources of structural transformation. Learning from successful experiences and identifying opportunities at the national and regional level can increase the impact that science, technology and innovation has on poverty eradication and sustainable development, especially in critical areas for least developed countries. It is essential to identify the mix of institutions, organizations and partnerships that enable countries to transform their productive structures and assist them in shifting towards activities that support their efforts in poverty eradication and sustainable development.

The UN Technology Bank will promote innovation for transformative change and sustainable development by leveraging new, emerging tools and approaches for collaborative innovation. Regional innovation hubs will identify pressing priorities for innovation, clarify the context for engagement, and catalogue best practices and available resources for promoting innovation for transformative change. The Innovation Labs will provide a hands-on, tailored process to unite previously unlinked fields, thinkers, and ideas to deliver solutions.