What We Do

Since the end of 2018, The UN Technology Bank has directly implemented projects and activities in the least developed countries (LDCs).

It serves as a knowledge hub connecting LDCs' STI needs, available resources, and key STI actors who can respond to these needs. It facilitates LDCs' access to existing technologies and fosters joint initiatives with relevant partners within and outside the UN system, including the private sector.

Focus Areas & SDGs

To ensure that LDCs are not left behind in achieving the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development, the UN Technology Bank undertakes initiatives to stimulate the production of high-quality research in these countries through capacity development and fostering international research collaboration, both South-South and South- North. The UN Technology Bank’s work directly supports a wide range of SDGs.

The list below includes SDGs that closely align with our strategic priorities for sustainable development.

  • Economic self-reliance: Support innovation through cooperation and Transfer of Technology suited to local needs

  • Sustainable access to health technologies: Support LDCs with Global Healthcare capacity, and reliable and sustainable access to health technologies at affordable cost

  • Climate mitigation: Support positive environmental impact and climate change mitigation through enhanced scientific cooperation and partnerships


  • Local skills development: Increase quality employment and wealth creation through economic diversification and development of local capabilities

  • Sustainable industrialisation: Support industrialisation and local ecosystem development through STI policymaking

  • Education and academic cooperation: Stimulate scientific research and knowledge sharing through strengthened academic networks and higher education