Electronic Detailed Implementation Survey

Photo of Executive Directorate (CTED) concluded a second follow-up visit to Morocco

On 28 June 2019, the Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC)/ Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) concluded a second follow-up visit to Morocco. Morocco was the first country assessed by CTED on behalf of the CTC in 2005. Since then, CTED conducted follow-up visits in 2013 and now in 2019.

CTED’s new and improved assessment tools & processes include the cloud-based CTED assessment and analysis portal, launched in January 2021, which reflects the new mandates conferred upon CTED by relevant resolutions, is user-friendly, and makes the most effective possible use of qualitative and quantitative data.  This portal allows password-protected access, retaining key elements of CTED’s current assessment and survey tools to allow comparability with previous Committee-approved reports. The tool serves to simplify and streamline CTED assessments, improve their utility for the design of technical assistance and capacity-building support, and facilitate current and real-time production of analysis and reports. Additionally, the portal facilitates the availability of the country assessments, recommendations, surveys, and analytical products throughout the United Nations system, and enhances the sharing of its findings with Member States and relevant partners.

With the completion of 67 Overview of Implementation Assessments and Detailed Implementation Surveys, in 2020, CTED finished almost all desk reviews of Member States in accordance with the Counter-Terrorism Committee’s procedures.