Vanuatu Graduates from Least Developed Country Status


NEW YORK 4 December 2020 – The small island nation of Vanuatu is celebrating today as it is officially no longer classified as one of the world’s least developed countries, or LDCs.

Despite the compounding threats of COVID-19, natural disasters and climate change, the Vanuatu government sees graduation as a positive sign that the country is increasingly able to build resilience and meet its citizens’ needs.

Broadband for National Development in four LDCs: Cambodia, Rwanda; Senegal, Vanuatu (2018)


The report outlines challenges and successes encountered by four countries and is a summary of the four reports prepared by the Broadband Commission’s Working Group on Broadband for the most vulnerable countries. Lessons learnt are presented from four evidence-based country studies in Cambodia, Rwanda, Senegal and Vanuatu. This summary report also incorporates lessons learnt from related recent reports.