Leveraging Investments in Broadband for National Development: the Case of Vanuatu (2018)


Small Island Developing States (SIDS) typically encounter many challenges in the development of broadband infrastructure and services to encompass all communities regardless of geographic and socio-economic circumstances. In Vanuatu, communities relying predominantly on subsistence agriculture are spread over some 65 islands in an area of the Pacific particularly prone to regular natural disasters. Many communities do not have ready access to basic infrastructure (including roads and electricity), transport and health services. The isolated location of communities, coupled with a lack of resources, contributes to the difficulties in providing universal high-quality education, and only primary schooling is offered free of charge. In this setting, the availability and accessibility of reliable broadband communications can potentially support profound developmental change.The case studies document how the selected LDCs are leveraging investment in broadband to contribute towards the achievement of sustainable development.