Vienna Programme of Action

Thirty-two of the world’s landlocked developing countries face an array of challenges mainly associated with their lack of direct territorial access to the sea and remoteness from world markets. Their dependence on other countries for international trade and transit compounds other challenges that landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) face.

The Vienna Programme of Action is centred upon addressing the challenges faced by LLDCs and aims to contribute to the eradication of poverty stemming from their landlockedness through the implementation of specific actions related to the following priority areas:

  • Priority 1: Fundamental transit policy issues
  • Priority 2: Infrastructure development and maintenance

(a) Transport infrastructure

(b) Energy and information and communications technology infrastructure

  • Priority 3: International trade and trade facilitation

(a) International trade

(b)Trade facilitation

  • Priority 4: Regional integration and cooperation
  • Priority 5: Structural economic transformation
  • Priority 6: Means of implementation