United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) on LDC Graduation Support

The United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) on LDC Graduation Support was established by the IACG on LDCs in late 2017 to provide strengthened and coordinated UN system-wide support to countries preparing to graduate from the LDC category.  

Chaired by OHRLLS Director Heidi Schroderus–Fox, the Task Force  brings together UN agencies and other international and regional  organizations to support LDCs through their transition.  

Aiming to generate awareness and political support from development and trading partners for the challenges that countries face after graduation, the IATF enables a smooth and sustainable transition that will not disrupt the trajectory of graduating countries’ development.  

The IATF supports graduating countries in their smooth transition strategies based on their unique development needs and goals.  

The Terms of Reference of the IATF are available here.

Additionally, as the Istanbul Programme of Action implementation period draws to a close, the IATF recognizes that better coordinated UN support for LDCs is crucial during the transition to a new programme of action.  

The IATF is designed to be responsive to the unique needs of LDCs in the graduation pipeline and to boost collaboration between agencies, donors and graduating LDCs.  

Joint UN Workshops on Graduation Support  

Both São Tomé and Príncipe and Solomon Islands are scheduled to graduate in 2024. Joint UN Workshops on Graduation Support took place in each country in the autumn of 2019 to support graduation processes:  

  1. Joint UN Workshop in Support of São Tomé e Príncipe’s Graduation from the LDC Category 

  • The IATF is planning to organize a special session as a follow up to the 2019 Joint UN Workshop to further support the Government of Sao Tome e Principe along its graduation path. The Office of High Representative is translating important graduation-related documents in Portuguese, thanks to the generous contribution of the Government of Portugal.

  1. Joint UN Workshop in Support of Solomon Islands’ Graduation from the LDC Category

  • The IATF convened a virtual special session on 11 November 2020 dedicated to further supporting Solomon Islands’ graduation. The UN Resident Coordinator for Solomon Islands, based in Fiji, Mr Sanaka Samarasinha, provided all members of the task force with a detailed overview of the situation and the UN Country Team work in the country and welcomed the coordinated support that the task force committed to offer to the Government. Over 10 task force members joined forces and crafted a dedicated joint work programme to support the formulation of a smooth transition strategy by the Government.