Outreach Programme on the 1994 Genocide Against
the Tutsi in Rwanda and the United Nations

Portrait of Former Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
These poignant accounts and many others like them depict a country on a path toward reconciliation. The resounding voices of survivors touch us in ways that no other words could.

A Photo Project

Genocide survivors and perpetrators in Rwanda came together in November 2007 to document their day-to-day life, hopes, dreams and memories as part of the "Visions of Rwanda" photography project. Their photos show a vision of Rwanda today through the eyes of Rwandans - recalling the past while expressing hope for the future.

The twelve participants included orphans, widows, rape and assault survivors, young students and a gacaca judge as well as perpetrators, some of whom were responsible for the deaths of family members of other participants.

The participants, many of whom had never used a camera before, were trained by a UN facilitator and given general photography tips, and were then free to document whatever topics they deemed important to them. Examples of subjects portrayed in the photographs include survivors, prisoners, memorial sites, children, weddings and burials.

The equipment used in the programme was donated to an orphanage and university in Rwanda. Portrait photographs of the Rwanda survivors are by Linda Smith.