Outreach Programme on the 1994 Genocide Against
the Tutsi in Rwanda and the United Nations

'Tugire Ubumwe' a graphic novel 'Tugire Ubumwe' a graphic novel

Tugire Ubumwe — Let’s Unite!

Graphic Novel

  • Produced by the Outreach Programme on the Rwanda Genocide and the United Nations, in collaboration with Rwandan artist and genocide survivor Rupert Bazambanza.

"Tugire Ubumwe – Let’s Unite!" PDF is designed for a young audience and uses the example of Rwanda to promote respect for diversity and reconciliation.

The graphic novel has already received very positive feedback from some of our partners. The ICTR Information Office in Kigali described it as "a crucial educative tool in the promotion of unity and reconciliation and the fight against the genocide ideology; [it] will create a big impact among the Rwandan population". And the Survivors Fund (SURF) International referred to it as "a great piece of work [that] will get young people thinking of managing their troubled history and finding ways of communicating effectively".

Graphic Novel — PDF 3.97 MB