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Egypt: Tackling Food Waste and Loss

An estimated one third of all food produced globally is either lost or wasted. In Egypt, about a third of the grapes and a half of the tomatoes are lost through inefficient practices before they reach the consumer. To raise awareness of this staggering situation, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) partnered with the Egyptian government and cooperatives to provide pragmatic solutions to food losses caused by production surpluses and inefficient practices.


Padmanaban Gopalan, indian entrepeneur in the fight against food waste

Young social entrepreneur in India turns wedding waste into meals for the needy

Padmanaban Gopalan takes advantage of geolocation technology by allowing restaurants and individuals to log into his “No Waste Food” app, where “they can find the nearest community that can take their food, instead of throwing it in the bin”.


Massimo Bottura

"Kitchen Quarantine" during COVID-19

Massimo Bottura is inspiring his viewers with Kitchen Quarantine, a family-produced online cooking show that demonstrates how to make great meals from what’s at home. This cuts down the number of times people need to venture outside for supplies in COVID-19 times and teaches us tricks that reduce food waste.

Nicole Klaski, founder of THE GOOD FOOD

Celebrating the diversity in fruits and vegetables

35-year-old Nicole Klaski is the founder of THE GOOD FOOD, a Cologne-based organization that seeks to combat food waste by working with farmers to take food that is deemed too ugly to sell by major supermarket chains.

Mexican chef Alfredo Oropeza. ©️Pablo Valero

Cooking with respect

Prominent figures in the cooking world are using their popularity to urge consumers, businesses and lawmakers to help reduce malnutrition in all its forms, cut food waste, improve nutrition and support sustainable food distribution and preparation systems.