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United Nations Peacekeeping Operations


November 1956–June 1967

First UN Emergency Force

Egypt nationalizes the Suez Canal. Israel, France and the United Kingdom intervene. Vetoes by France and the United Kingdom prevent Security Council action to end the intervention and hostilities. An emergency General Assembly session establishes UNEF I, the first armed UN peacekeeping force, to supervise withdrawal of invading forces and act as a buffer between Egypt and Israel. In May 1967, Egypt compels UNEF I to withdraw.


June 1958–December 1958

UN Observation Group in Lebanon

In May 1958, violent conflict erupts in Lebanon over proposed constitutional changes. Syria is accused of interference. The Security Council sets up UNOGIL to ensure that personnel, arms and matériel are not infiltrated across the Lebanese borders. After the conflict is settled, tensions ease and UNOGIL is withdrawn in December 1958.