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Photo Gallery

Former combatants at a demobilization ceremony in Casa Banana, Mozambique. A voter casts his ballot in San Miguel, El Salvador. The remains of three Irish peacekeepers killed during fighting in Elisabethville, Republic of the Congo being repatriated to their home country. Trucks and heavy machines are unloaded from a freighter under the direction of soldiers from the Canadian and Polish logistics team. A UN civilian peacekeeper assists an elderly woman to a voting booth in Bel Air, as Haitians across the country turned out in record numbers to vote.
UN assists Congolese youth volunteers to rebuild the ‘Road of Hope,’ between Leopoldville and Sanda, Republic of the Congo. A Bangladeshi military doctor attends to a local patient at a way-station for internally displaced persons. Danish and Norwegian contingents stand ready for a night-time departure for Abu Sueir Airfield southwest of Ismaila, Egypt. Israeli and Jordanian commanders hold a joint conference under the auspices of the Mixed Armistice Commission in the shell-scarred Mandelbaum Gate, no-man's land between Arab and Jewish Jerusalem. At an ‘out-station’ UNTSO Military Observers study the border map with their Jordanian counterpart.
A Portuguese police officer advises her Timorese counterpart on the protection of trucks and camp sites. Memorial ceremony for a UN peacekeeper from Pakistan in Khartoum, Sudan. Finnish soldiers at their camp, testing telecommunication equipment. UN peacekeepers from Brazil provide cover after heavy fighting with gangs in the Cité Soleil neighborhood of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. Two deminers working in Mwanga, Bunia, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Operations room on the German frigate Schleswig-Holstein. UNIFIL peacekeeper near ruins of former UN observation post at Khiam, where four peacekeepers lost their lives during the conflict in 2006.  An ONUC air mission to the Province of Equateur arrives bringing stocks of medicines. Yugoslav peacekeepers arriving by train at Port Said, Egypt. UN peacekeepers and the International Committee of the Red Cross are assisting in the reunification of evacuees.
Peacekeepers play tug-of-war with a group of local children during a civic day event in Cité Soleil, Haiti. A UN police officer from Ghana stands guard in Leopoldville, Republic of the Congo. Indian peacekeepers patrol along demarcation line. UN Blue Helmets operate in some of the world’s harshest terrains. Here, Pakistani peacekeepers cross a precarious jungle bridge in Ntoto. Russian helicopters are delivered to Burundi for humanitarian relief operations, by one of the world’s largest aircrafts: the Antonov 124-100.
Finnish soldiers on a bicycle patrol in Cyprus between Nicosia and Dhekelia, a distance of 120 miles. A UN peacekeeper escorts an elderly woman across the bridge in Ayios Theodoros from the Turkish-controlled part of Cyprus to the Greek. Indian military engineers looking for mines at airstrip near Kongolo, North Katanga, Republic of the Congo. Member of rebel forces surrender their weapons and ammunition to a Pakistani peacekeeper. A Canadian UN peacekeeper stops to talk with a Haitian woman in Port-au-Prince.
Leaving the UNEF Swedish camp behind, a caravan sets out on its course. Yugoslav troops serving in the First United Nations Emergency Force on a foot patrol in the neighborhood of El Arish. A view of two United Nations aircrafts on Jefman Island in the territory of West New Guinea (West Irian). Their six-month tour complete, a Chilean unit serving with the UN mission in Haiti prepares to depart from Cap Haitien. A member of the Austrian Battalion ski patrol observing on Mt. Hermon.
Liberians count ballots on the first night after the polls closed in the nation’s capital, Monrovia. A UN peacekeeper from Ghana guarding bombs ready to be dismantled at a military airfield. A Canadian medic examining an elderly woman. Addressing an audience of potential voters, UN civilian staff explain the upcoming elections, using an educational video. Rwandan children rest at Ndosha camp in Goma.
Kosovar Albanians are reunited with their family members. A MONUC public information officer addresses the community of Mobeka, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Accompanied by UN peacekeepers, negotiations start to discuss the agreement designed to pave way for disarmament and reintegration of armed groups back into society. Under the shade of a big tree the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Sudan meets with the local population to discuss the peace process. The first all-female Formed Police Unit to be deployed by the UN arrives from India in Monrovia, Liberia.
French peacekeepers patrolling in Southern Lebanon.