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It is high time that we take to heart the wisdom expressed in the theme of this year's World Day Against Trafficking in Persons and let “victims’ voices lead the way”.

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Ozark Henry

In the Fight to End Human Trafficking, Let Survivors Lead the Way

We must listen to survivors who managed to escape their abusers and successfully found their way back into society, as they can provide us with unique insights into this crime.

UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem visits a mother and her newborn in the maternity ward at Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo 17 May 2021. ©UNFPA/Luis Tato
Natalia Kanem

In Times of Baby Boom or Bust, Reproductive Rights and Choices Are Still the Answer

The global population has been growing for hundreds of years at a rate that has dipped and recovered with booms and busts. To focus solely on inconstant waves pushed and pulled by forces that are often out of our control is to lose sight of the shore, of the human rights that are our solid ground.

Agricultural land in Indonesia. Photo by Pexels/Julien Pannetier
Ann Penny and Sandra Harding

Celebrating the International Day of the Tropics—Towards a Better Global Future

Armed with appropriate training and investment, tropical countries will be able to leapfrog traditional development pathways towards a more sustainable future.

Ghada Waly

Cooperation for Science, Health and Security Needed to Counter COVID-19 Impacts on World Drug Challenges

The theme for World Drug Day 2021—“Share facts on drugs. Save lives” focuses on the power of facts and science to inform approaches to drugs, from individual decisions to effective health and security interventions and policies.

Monument to A.S. Pushkin by M.K. Anikushin. Installed in 1959. Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. oraswet / pixabay
Lyubov Ginzburg

When Pushkin Comes to the Rescue: Multilingualism as a Principle for Harmonious Cooperation

This multilingual dedication to the genius of Russian literature marks Russian Language Day 2021, revealing the hope that Pushkin’s legacy will continue to bring people and nations together, while increasing interest in Russian history and culture. 


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 La Trobe Reading Room in the State Library Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. Photo credit: Andrew Tan/Pixabay 
Kyriakos Kouveliotis

The "Global Degree" Proposal: A New Institutional Model for Higher Education

The development of a Global Degree as a new educational structure and mode could address current inadequacies as countries and students confront new challenges. This new norm would help make learning more targeted, flexible, current and applicable.

A Buffalo Bicycle rider goes the distance in rural Malawi. Photo by World Bicycle Relief
Alisha Myers, Jessica Hall, Leah De Vos and Lena Kleine-Kalmer

The Value of Cycling as an Accelerator of Sustainable Development

Bicycles could help nearly a billion people living in rural areas at risk of being left behind because education, healthcare, markets, and other critical services are simply out of reach.

Elizabeth Maruma Mrema

Biodiversity is Key to Building a Sustainable Future for All

The benefits and cost effectiveness of working with nature extends to other domains—including food and water security, and climate change. Fortunately, this is becoming better understood, as people start to realize the importance of biodiversity for their own health, well-being and prosperity.

 Kind friends have provided funds to support villagers in need.
Nicholas Vreeland

Karuna in the Age of Corona

Renowned photographer Nicholas Vreeland explores life in the village of Mundgod, India, during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, documenting acts of karuna (Sanskrit for compassion).

Chronicle Conversations

Chronicle Conversation: Ambassador William vanden Heuvel, 28 February 2020

Former US Ambassador William vanden Heuvel, Chair Emeritus and founder of the Roosevelt Institute, discusses the legacy of US President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the United Nations in the context of the Organization's upcoming 75th Anniversary. Drawing on decades of scholarship and diplomatic experience, Ambassador vanden Heuvel recalls the founding principles and enduring objectives of the United Nations, and Roosevelt's role in the creation of this indispensable international body.

Youth Issues

The UN Chronicle interviews youth environmental activist Aditya Mukarji

Lyubov Ginzburg of the UN Chronicle interviews fifteen-year-old environmental activist Aditya Mukarji on the problem of plastic pollution and the first-ever United Nations Youth Climate Action Summit. 22 September 2019, New York

Legacy Showcase

New Technologies: Where To?
Vol. LV Nos. 3 & 4 2018

New Technologies: Where To?

This issue focuses on new technologies and their potential benefits for humanity as well as their expanding use in advancing the 2030 Agenda. It explores the promise of our digital age, while posing important questions about where these technologies are leading us, and how their misuse could also lead to increased inequality and conflict.

Vol. LV No. 2 2018

2030 Agenda

This issue focuses on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity, which commits United Nations Member States to work towards a sustainable future for all. The articles, by Senior Officials of the United Nations system, examine the Organization’s lead role in advancing the 2030 Agenda, and in promoting peace, social equality and human rights.

Latest Reports

Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 2020

This is the latest global report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), mandated by the General Assembly through the 2010 Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons. The report comes at a time when global suffering has vastly increased vulnerabilities to trafficking. Extreme poverty is expected to rise for the first time in decades, with the continuing COVID-19 crisis casting a long shadow over our societies and economies. With many millions more women, men and children in every part of the world out of school, out of work, without social support and facing diminished prospects, targeted action is urgently needed to stop crimes like trafficking in persons from adding to the pandemic’s toll.

About the UN Chronicle

The UN Chronicle, produced by the United Nations Department of Global Communications, has served as the Organization’s flagship magazine since 1946, providing authoritative information and debate on the activities of the larger United Nations system. Learn more...

Construction of UN Permanent Headquarters in New York, 1 August 1950. UN Photo/ES