Kristu Jayanti College believes that quality education is a powerful weapon to ensure a zero-poverty world.  This institution of higher education located in Bengaluru, India, is zealously committed to serve as a dynamic and community intensive SDG Hub. It actively aims to prove that quality education is a powerful weapon to create a zero-poverty world. 

The institution provides educational opportunities to aspiring youth and helps them strive for academic excellence even as it nurtures in them civic responsibility while building global competencies in a vibrant environment. The College offers more than 60 undergraduate and post graduate programs to 9,000 students through its College of Arts, Commerce & Science, School of Management and College of Law. The formation of individuals, who are not only intellectually competent, but also socially sensitive, is the prime focus of the educational philosophy of Kristu Jayanti College.

It hosts a number of research centers, including one within the Department of Social Work that offers a PhD program, and has successfully conducted projects collaborating with local, national and international civil society organizations on community-based vocational training models, surveys of vulnerable groups and programmes that seek to eradicate poverty in local communities. Social responsibility and civic duty are thus the founding principles of the College that are inculcated in its students to carry forward into the world at large.

Kristu Jayanti College continues to have a positive impact on society through its need-based Social Outreach program and Jayantian Extension Services (JES), to facilitate students’ collaboration and service to underserved and marginalized communities. The JES runs 135 different initiatives that help students to make a real impact in the lives of those affected by poverty. Apart from this,the institution offers computer literacy programmes, language competency classes and capacity building projects tailored to uplift the living standards of local communities. The College has adopted five local villages and has partnered with governmental and non-governmental organizations to address the root causes of poverty and provide access to sustainable livelihoods.

The College actively seeks to instill values of service and social responsibility in its students, to alleviate poverty and live up to its motto ‘Light and Prosperity.’

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