UNDEF makes film debut in Kenya with the story of Maria, parliamentary candidate

UNDEF debuted at the first Nairobi Film Festival with the story of Maria as she fights her way through the sleaze of elections to Parliament. The film is part of an UNDEF Kenya project to empower women and youth in the settlements of Kamukunji, including developing their creative potential through educational films and plays.  

The Daily Nation covered the film debut in this article, noting that "the production team did a remarkable job in terms of the quality of the cinematography, sound, acting and overall quality. It did not hurt that they had a seasoned cast. Produced by St John’s Community Centre with the support of the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF), Maria’s story line is cyclical, using occasional flashbacks cutting back to present day, to tell its story. The mere attempt to give Kenyans an opportunity to reflect on the current political situation, just a few months before the election, is praiseworthy."  

Watch the movie here.