Mongolia project strengthens media freedom and access to quality information in digital age

An UNDEF project in Mongolia works to strengthen the capacity of local media and civil society to ensure media freedom and quality journalism amid challenges of the digital era. Implemented by the Press Institute of Mongolia, it trains journalists in data analysis, fact-checking and verification, digital research, as well as journalistic safety and security of journalists. At least two thirds of the journalists trained were women. The project also trains civil society organizations in understanding the current media landscape and developing storytelling and production skills.

The project comes amid a range of challenges for Mongolia’s media, including weak implementation of laws for media freedom and access to information; a risk of expanding political control of media; shrinking civic space; and growing public distrust of journalism.

Historically, Mongolian journalists' have little experience of working in the digital environment and safeguarding against information manipulation, while civil society activists lack advocacy skills to effectively address transparency and governance issues in the context of digitization. The project will help them network and address issues on the public agenda.