Meta-evaluation shows UNDEF had clear advantage in Tunisia

A team of independent evaluators completed a meta-evaluation of nine UNDEF projects implemented in Tunisia from 2013 to 2021, so as to assess UNDEF’s overall engagement there. The report identified strong results on two levels -- Tunisia’s overall development, and local democracy-building through participatory approaches and dialogue-based project designs. UNDEF had a clear advantage in geographical diversity, through local projects implemented by small organizations with solid expertise and ability to work effectively in marginalized areas. The projects were not affected by Tunisia's polarized political context, as the range of grantees showed UNDEF working well with partners across political and ideological orientations.  UNDEF projects complemented larger development initiatives by working at the expert local level, resulting in effective, coherent and context-relevant initiatives. Strategies were built to transfer ownership to participants and stakeholders, ensuring impact and sustainability.