Engaging marginalized women in elections in Sudan

 An UNDEF project in Sudan is supporting grassroots urban women living in poverty to formulate their own political agendas and increase their participation in local government. The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa Network has been working since 2019 to help marginalized women elevate their voices in politics as both candidates and educated voters through training, community outreach and civic engagement. Project participants have collaboratively produced a Woman’s Manifesto -- a document that presents a list of issues and rights of marginalized women, and recommendations for further action to be used in to engage with politicians and other stakeholders. In February, the organization brought together grassroots women, political parties, civil society organizations and media outlets both in person and on Zoom to present the Woman’s Manifesto agenda as well as screen a documentary film created by the project that showcased the project and highlighted the experiences and aspirations of Sudanese women for equal and meaningful participation in decision-making. The documentary was publicized on social media and online channels, and future screenings are scheduled to continue to raise awareness and advocate for the inclusion of marginalized women in political spaces.