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The IANWGE agenda has always been strongly issue-driven. The Network has responded proactively to critical issues on the development agenda. This includes the integration of gender perspectives into the preparation of, and follow-up to, international conferences and summits, including the Millennium Summit and Declaration, and in the implementation of important resolutions (of the General Assembly, the ECOSOC and the Commission on the Status of Women, as well as of governing bodies of United Nations entities). The most recent work undertaken by the IANWGE responds to ongoing and emerging challenges identified by the twenty-third special session of the General Assembly (Beijing + 5), the Commission on the Status of Women, ECOSOC, the General Assembly, and, for the first time, the Security Council. These include gender mainstreaming in programme budget processes, in CCA/UNDAF, in peace and security, and in the financing for development agenda. Members also jointly identify and tackle issues and processes requiring further attention in the implementation of gender mainstreaming, particularly in the area of methods development.

The IANWGE works through a system of ad hoc task forces with designated task managers, and through informal inter-sessional meetings.

Task Forces

The Network establishes task forces with specific time-limited mandates and designated task managers to work on identified priority areas. The Terms of Reference for the task forces are endorsed by the Inter-Agency Network as a whole and all task forces report to the Network during its annual meeting.

The current task forces of IANWGE focus on:

The earlier task forces, which have now finalized their work, focused on:


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