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The IANWGE meets annually in New York prior to the annual meetings of the Commission on the Status of Women. These once-a-year meetings have permitted a review of the activities of the different parts of the system during the previous year, providing feedback to agencies, fine-tuning of activities and ensuring relevant follow-up action by all members. The meetings have also created a structured policy discussion of emerging challenges, and identified issues of common concern for future attention. The results of the discussions at the meetings of the Network are often fed into the CSW session through the opening statement of the Chair of IANWGE.

Intersessional meetings of IANWGE members are held in the course of the year at different duty stations. These have included meetings of the Geneva, Addis Ababa and Rome, as well as New York based entities. At the country level, links between agency Gender Focal Points have been promoted in response to UNDAF programming. The outcome of these informal meetings and the inter-sessional progress reports of task managers are shared electronicaly with all members of the Network. Meetings are also organized on specific issues in New York and in other United Nations centres, such as Geneva

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Gender Mainstreaming Workshops

At the annual session of the Inter-Agency Committee in 2000 concern was expressed by members that, although gender mainstreaming is an integral part of their work, not enough time was set aside in the context of the annual sessions for exchange on approaches and methodologies for promoting the strategy. Given this expressed need and the keen interest in the topic, members recommended that a one-day workshop on gender mainstreaming be organized in conjunction with the annual session in 2001. The workshop had the objective to provide an opportunity for members to present concrete experiences in bringing gender perspectives to the centre of attention in policy and programme development, intergovernmental processes as well as in developing capacity among professional staff for gender mainstreaming. The workshop gave participants the possibility to exchange views on strategies for increasing the focus on gender perspectives in the substantive work programmes of their entities. Learn more >>

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