Leveraging Investments in Broadband for National Development: the case of Rwanda and Senegal (2017)

The case of Rwanda //

Broadband offers a way to diversify and add value to the economy and information and communication technology (ICT) is key crosscutting enabler for the country’s development strategy. The government is intent on increasing the service sector to reduce reliance on traditional agricultural production and exports. The country’s Vision 2020 calls for Rwanda becoming a middle-income knowledge economy with ICT considered one of the three crosscutting areas for achieving the vision.

The case of Senegal //

The 2014 Emerging Senegal Plan (ESP) envisions Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a fundamental crosscutting enabler to transform the economy and achieve the status of an emerging economy by 2035. The ESP calls for spreading broadband and Internet access across the territory and leveraging Senegal’s infrastructure and human capacity to become an ICT hub for West Africa.