Istanbul Programme of Action

The Istanbul Programme of Action (IPoA) charts out the international community’s vision and strategy for the sustainable development of least developed countries (LDCs) with a strong focus on developing their productive capacities. A broad range of actors are expected to contribute to the IPoA implementation, including donor countries, developing countries, parliaments, the private sector, civil society, the UN system and international and regional financial institutions. 

The IPoA recognizes that LDCs represent an enormous human and natural resource potential for world economic growth, welfare and prosperity and that addressing their special development needs will contribute to the cause of peace, prosperity and sustainable development for all. Between 2011-2020, the IPoA supports measures to focus on the following specific objectives:

  • Achieve sustained, equitable and inclusive economic growth by strengthening LDC’s productive capacity
  • Build human capacities by fostering sustained, equitable and inclusive human and social development, gender equality and the empowerment of women
  • Reduce the vulnerability of LDCs to economic, natural and environmental shocks and disasters, as well as climate change, by strengthening their resilience
  • Ensure enhanced financial resources and their effective use for LDCs’ development
  • Enhance good governance at all levels, by strengthening democratic processes, institutions and the rule of law


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