Map permissions

Maps are official documents or prepared as an integral part of documents of the United Nations or related official publication. As such the Organization aims to provide cartographic materials free of charge to Member States, the international community, scholars and the public at large.

Maps prepared by the United Nations are the property of the United Nations, which holds all rights in connection with their usage.

In principle, maps and related cartographic materials can be used as long as the appropriate credit is given, and the United Nations is advised.

Each map has a unique reference number that appears in the lower left-hand or right corner. Most current maps may be downloaded from this site; many older maps are available through the Dag Hammarskjöld Digital Library.

  • To republish a United Nations map without modification:

The Geospatial Information Section, on behalf of the United Nations Publications Board, is responsible for granting permission for the use of maps prepared by the United Nations Secretariat.  To request permission to republish a map, please send an email to, specifying:

  1. information on the forthcoming publication, book or article in which you would like to include the map(s)
  2. Map title and reference number, including any revision number, and the year, found at the bottom of the map. For instance, Syrian Arab Republic, UNITED NATIONS April 2012, Map No. 4204 Rev. 3


  • To use a United Nations map with modifications:

If  you wish to use any United Nations map as a basis for derived products or for creating your own map, you may do so. However, you will be solely responsible for the content of any modified map. We require you to remove the United Nations name and the map reference number. Should you wish to credit the source you may include the phrase “based on United Nations map.”

  • To link United Nations maps to websites or portals:

We encourage you to link to the original URL from our website to ensure reference to the most updated version of the maps.  If, however, it is necessary to host a copy of the map, please attribute the product or service to the Geospatial Information Section of the United Nations and provide a link to our website at

For more information on copyrights and permissions related to United Nations products consult the rights and permissions website.