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The UN system, also known unofficially as the 'UN family', is made up of the UN itself and many programmes, funds, and specialized agencies, most of which have developed some geospatial capabilities. For more information on g activities conducted by the different Programmes, Funds, Specialized agencies of the United Nations, see In the UN.

United Nations Geospatial Network

ungeospatialnetwork_web.jpgThe UN Geospatial Network is a coalition of entities within the United Nations System which engage in geospatial information management. The Network mission is to strengthen the coordination and coherence of geospatial information management within the United Nations system, including its overarching trends, technology, practices, data, needs, capacity building, and partnerships, ultimately to promote synergies and enable the United Nations system to "Deliver as One." The Network is represented by the senior most professionals working in the field of geospatial information management, led by a Chair, two Vice-Chairs and a Steering Group.

The United Nations Geospatial Network was established by the Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (decision 7/115) at its seventh session (2017) and its Terms of Reference were endorsed (decision 8/115) at its eighth session (2018). The composition and activities of the Network have been endorsed in its work programme (see Annex 1), agreed in 2019 during the ninth session of UN-GGIM.

In 2020, during the tenth session of UN-GGIM, the Committee of Experts “commended the United Nations Geospatial Network for their extensive work in the preparation and completion of the Blueprint Geospatial for a Better World: Transforming the Lives of People, Places and Planet and its companion document Blueprint Geospatial Landscape of the United Nations system"which present respectively the strategic design and activities that will guide the future work and activities of the Geospatial Network and a review of the current status of the geospatial landscape in the United Nations system.