• Satellite image of Gaza on 20 May 2021 as UN Secretary-General welcomes Gaza ceasefire announcement between Israel and Hamas
  • Marking International Mother Earth Day with the Amazon rainforest, crucial to regulate global warming
  • Member States increasing their commitment of Paris Agreement to achieve Net Zero Emissions
  • Mapping flood damage to crops using drones in Malawi
  • Global map of Women in Politics
  • Peacekeepers consult map to navigate through Western Sahara
  • Damage analysis uses satellite imagery after an earthquake hits Haiti
  • Satellite images show the degradation to our environment
  • UNDP provides assistance to Land Survey Programme for “Farming for Development”
  • Security Council exhibits maps and photographs during the crisis in the Caribbean


Mapping for a Sustainable World

On 24 January 2021, to celebrate the International Day of Education the United Nations and the International Cartographic Association have released a joint publication entitled "Mapping for a Sustainable World".

Current general map collection

Explore our current general map collection to better understand the world, general maps provide an overview of Member States and territories worldwide including their overall international context.

Meet the UN Geospatial Network

The United Nations Geospatial Network is an inter-agency network of senior geospatial professionals within offices, specialized agencies, funds and programmes of the United Nations System. 



Deployment of Peacekeepers

Discover our most popular cartographic products and get the latest information on deployment of peacekeepers in United Nations field operations.

What do we do ?

Services provided to the Secretariat of the United Nations, and beyond, include geospatial visualization, data management, analysis, technology and monitoring.

Key documents


Geospatial Strategy for the United Nations
Prepared by our team, the strategy aims to contribute to the data ecosystem by enabling location information for the Secretariat, in collaboration with the United Nations Geospatial Network and further with Member States.

Blueprint Geospatial for a Better World: Transforming the Lives of People, Places and Planet
Prepared by the UN Geospatial Network, the Blueprint is the strategic inter-agency document on geospatial information that will guide the Network's future and activities through seven Transformation pathways.

Blueprint Geospatial Landscape of the United Nations system
Compiled by the UN Geospatial Network, the Landscape is the Blueprint's companion document which includes a review of the current status of the geospatial landscape in the United Nations system.

Integrated Geospatial Information Framework, Overarching Strategic Framework
The Integrated Geospatial Information Framework (IGIF), prepared and adopted by UN-GGIM, provides a guide for developing, integrating, strengthening and maximizing geospatial information management, and to assist countries in bridging the geospatial digital divide, secure socio-economic prosperity, and to leave no one behind.

Global Statistical and Geospatial Framework
The Global Statistical Geospatial Framework (GSGF), prepared and adopted by UN-GGIM and the Statistical Commission, facilitates the integration of statistical and geospatial information. The framework guides and enables the production of harmonized and standardized geospatially enabled statistical data.