Key Facts

Key Facts Relating to the Senior Women Talent Pipeline (SWTP)

To address the gender gap in Peace Operations, the SWTP was created in 2014.

The purpose of the Pipeline is to have a readily accessible talent pool of qualified female candidates for senior field mission vacancies in UN Peace Operations. It was established as an action point from the 2013 study “Bridging the Civilian Gender Gap in UN Peace Operations”, which suggests necessary procedures to attract qualified women to UN Peace Operations.

Composition of the SWTP

The Pipeline today consists of about 260 members in five job families  Political Affairs, Civil Affairs, Rule of Law and Security Institutions, Public Information, and Mission Support.

At least 15 years of relevant professional experience is required to be a member of the Pipeline.
Candidates included in the SWTP have undergone a competitive screening process, which include written application, HR assessment, written test, and desk review led by Assistant-Secretary-Generals leading an interdepartmental board of senior experts+.

The SWTP is funded by extra-budgetary resources through the generous funding of the UK and Japan. In addition, the SWTP is working with the Folke Bernadotte Academy under the Swedish Government to provide specialized training for Pipeline members.

The Pipeline is actively looking for additional donors to support its activities, especially in relation to providing training and support for Pipeline members. Please contact: for more information.

Requirements for Inclusion in the SWTP

Since its establishment the SWTP has had four intakes of new candidates, during which candidates could apply or be nominated to be included in the SWTP. The latest intake finished in late 2019. To be included in the Pipeline, candidates must have at least 15 years of relevant professional experience. Candidates included in the SWTP have undergone a competitive screening process, which include written application, HR assessment, written test, and desk review led by an Assistant-Secretary-General leading an interdepartmental board of senior experts.

The Pipeline is not currently accepting any new applications or nominations. Should a new call be launched, more information would be shared here.

SWTP support

As part of its key services and in an effort to better support its members going through the UN recruitment process and preparing, the SWTP provides specialized training for SWTP members. Over the years we have provided a number of in person and virtual leadership trainings, including in collaboration with the Swedish Folke Bernadotte Academy.  Topics have included:

  • Introduction to Peace Operations
  • Influential leadership
  • Women, Peace and Security
  • UN Administration
  • The UN Recruitment Process

Our Goal

Our goal is to facilitate the selection of greater numbers of female candidates for UN Peace Operations:

  • The Management Reform, in particular the revision of the staffing system, aims to facilitate the recruitment and retention of women and offers field missions additional delegated authorities to recruit,
  • The new UN System Wide Gender Parity Strategy calls for parity among international civilian staff in UN Peace Operations by 2028,

SWTP Training Support

During its latest intake, a key priority for the Pipeline was to increase the share of members from under-represented countries and regions. Pipeline members are located in many regions of the world, and the SWTP will continue to engage with Member States from under-represented countries and region as part of an effort to increase representation and knowledge of the Pipeline.

The SWTP membership is comprised of candidates with diverse language skills and includes many French and Arabic speakers.



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