The Senior Women Talent Pipeline

Supporting Gender Parity


“Women’s equal leadership and participation are fundamental. Now is the time for gender parity in governments, parliaments, corporate boards and institutions everywhere (…) Over the next two years, I intend to deepen my personal commitment to highlighting and supporting gender equality in all areas of our work.”

-  Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres 


The goal of reaching gender parity at all levels at the United Nations is a commitment that is now two decades old and is reflective of core values that are as old as the Organization itself.

The Senior Women Talent Pipeline (SWTP) is one of only projects at the UN Secretariat dedicated to increasing the share of women in UN Peace Operations and as such is a key element in the Secretary-General’s System-Wide Gender Parity Strategy.

The Senior Women Talent Pipeline is a career programme and Pipeline under the UN Department of Operational Support aimed at promoting gender parity at senior level through a dedicated talent pool of qualified female candidates for P5, D1 and D2 level positions in UN Peace Operations. The SWTP provides personalized to members of the Pipeline in preparing to apply for senior positions in UN Peace Operations through the UN staff selection system as well as different training and development opportunities to ensure candidates are well-equipped to apply for and take up senior positions at the UN.

The SWTP is a project that was established and funded with the specific purpose to support Non-UN Secretariat staff in their applications to positions in peacekeeping. The SWTP is not a career development tool for Secretariat staff members, and as such, no applications from currently serving Secretariat staff are accepted. For career development opportunities available to serving staff members including coaching and mentoring, please click here (page available from the UN network only).


Members of the Pipeline Receive The Following Services:

  • Support in the recruitment process for relevant UN positions
  • Personal coaching on how to target and successfully send in job applications
  • Individual Competency Based Interview Coaching
  • Relevant training and networking opportunities to prepare members for the requirements of working in UN Peace Operations
  • Membership of a network of professional women working in international relations (LinkedIn, face-to-face meetings, and gatherings)
  • Notifications of new job openings
  • Preferential participation in UN training opportunities

The SWTP is not:

  • An alternative recruitment system
  • Direct or guaranteed job offer


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