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The goal of reaching gender parity at all levels at the United Nations is a commitment that is now two decades old, and is reflective of core values that are as old as the Organization itself. In the intervening years there has been no shortage of policies, reports and recommendations to further this goal; yet implementation has been hampered in the main by a lack of sustained political will and accountability, absence of accompanying measures and enabling conditions for real reform, and resistance at different moments from key stakeholders.

The Senior Women Talent Pipeline is working to ensure gender parity at Senior level by creating a dedicated talent pool of qualified female candidates for D1 and D2 level positions in UN Peace Operations, as well as to attempt to re-balance the skewed geographical representation in the current membership. The SWTP is a personalized support for high potential women in preparing to apply for senior positions in UN Peace Operations through the UN staff selection system.

The SWTP is a project that was established and funded with the specific purpose to support Non-UN Secretariat staff in their applications to positions in peacekeeping. The SWTP is not a career development tool for Secretariat staff members, and as such, no applications from currently serving Secretariat staff are accepted. For career development opportunities available to serving staff members including coaching and mentoring, please click here (page available from the UN network only).


Once a Member of the Pipeline, Candidates will Receive:

  • Support in the recruitment process for specific positions in UN field missions
  • Personal coaching on how to target and successfully send in job applications
  • Individual Competency Based Interview Coaching
  • Channeling to relevant training and networking opportunities to prepare members for the requirements of working in UN Peace Operations
  • Membership of a network of professional women working in international relations (LinkedIn, face-to-face meetings, and gatherings)
  • Notifications of new job openings
  • Preferential participation in UN training opportunities

The SWTP is not:

  • An alternative recruitment system
  • Direct or guaranteed job offer


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New call for membership Summer 2019
Accessible from June 1st to August 31st


While the overall objective is to replenish the SWTP membership, special attention will be paid to broadening geographic diversity of the SWTP membership pool



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SWTP Successes

The SWTP includes female candidates with profiles that match field requirements for D1-D2 level positions in Political Affairs/Mediation and Rule of Law and Security Institutions. In 2017, the former Department of Field Support (DFS), now Department of Operational Support (DOS), conducted a targeted campaign to refresh and replenish the Pipeline. This effort yielded some 1,700 applications. DFS further assessed these applications in collaboration with various departments within the Secretariat. The assessment process included screening of applications, review of a candidate's personal statement, a written test or portfolio work product review, a recruiter interview, and final review by an inter-departmental panel. As a result, 100 new candidates have been added to the Pipeline; the total membership is now 244 candidates.

Since December 2014, 17 SWTP members have successfully obtained a D1 or D2 (or USG/ASG) position. An additional 6 have obtained P5 positions, bringing the total to 23.

Meet Barrie Freeman

 Name: Barrie Freeman

 Nationality: USA

 Job Title: Former Chief of Staff, United Nations  Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the  Central African Republic (MINUSCA)

 Location: Bangui, Central African Republic

Meet Radhia Achouri

 Name: Radhia Achouri

 Nationality: Tunisia

 Job Title: Chief of Service, Strategic Communications  and Public Information/ Spokesperson, United Nations  Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali  (MINUSMA)

 Location: Bamako, Mali

Meet Nathalie Ndongo-Seh

 Name: Nathalie Ndongo-Seh

 Nationality: Cameroon

 Job Title: Former Chief of Staff, United Nations Office to  the African Union (UNOAU) and Office of the Special  Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan (OSESSS)

 Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Meet Christine T. Kapalata

 Name: Christine Thomas Kapalata

 Nationality: United Republic of Tanzania

 Job Title: Former Head of Office at the Sector West HQ in  Central African Republic, United Nations Multidimensional  Integrated Stabilization Mission in Central Africa  (MINUSCA)

 Location: Bouar, Central African Republic

Meet Cecilia Piazza

 Name: Cecilia Piazza

 Nationality: Switzerland, Peru

 Job Title: Head of Civil Affairs (MONUSCO)

 Location: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo