Monarch butterflies


Carmen and Montes de Maria's Super Seeds

In containers made with totumo (Calabash Tree), an emblematic tree of the Colombian dry forest, Carmen and her family have kept for years the native seeds that the forest gave them. These seeds are the oxygen you will breath in the future.


Sayta Tripathi

Nature and wildlife, critical to our existence

Assistant Secretary-General, Satya Tripathi, describes 2020 as a “super year for nature”, warning that we are currently standing on “the precipice of complete annihilation”. Listen this interview about the challenges we face.


A man swimming underwater wearing goggles and carrying a harpoon

Unimaginable beauty

We've lost 50% of coral reefs in the past 20 years; more than 90% are expected to perish by 2050. But hope remains. With urgent action and rapid mobilisation of resources, we can work together to meet the challenge of saving our coral reefs.

Hands planting a seedling in dry soil

Drylands: more than their name suggests

When you think of drylands, do you think of miles of empty, barren desert? Well, think again! Drylands are a unique type of ecosystem where plants and animals here survive on little water, adapted to the droughts and heat waves that are common in these areas.

recently caught red tuna

Sustainable tuna fishing key to protect the species

Tuna, which is rich in Omega-3, minerals, proteins, and vitamin B12, has seen its nutritional success lead to it being overfished. To ensure more sustainable management of tuna fisheries, UNEP and partners, co-financed and implemented a five-year, USD50 million programme.