The Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in the Mexican state of Michoacán is known around the world for an extraordinary migratory phenomenon. Each autumn millions of butterflies arrive here from the United States and Canada.UNDP Mexico.


Carmen and Montes de Maria's Super Seeds

In containers made with totumo (Calabash Tree), an emblematic tree of the Colombian dry forest, Carmen and her family have kept for years the native seeds that the forest gave them. These seeds are the oxygen you will breath in the future.


Sayta Tripathi

Nature and wildlife, critical to our existence

Assistant Secretary-General, Satya Tripathi, describes 2020 as a “super year for nature”, warning that we are currently standing on “the precipice of complete annihilation”. Listen this interview about the challenges we face.


Napoleon fish in northeastern Indonesia.

One strange fish and three cheers for biodiversity

Neither its intriguing appearance, nor its role in sustaining marine ecosystems (it preys on toxic sea animals and maintains the health of the coral reef) has kept this fish safe. Stocks of the endangered Napoleon could be restored thanks to innovative fish management techniques in northeastern Indonesia.

Marida Shinzai and her neighbours formed Muliru Farmers’ Cooperative group to manage and protect Kakamega, which is the only rainforest in Kenya.

“We knew if we continued at this rate, we would not have a forest.”

Marida Shinzai wanted to do her part in the conservation of their main resource and home, the forest. She and her neighbours formed Muliru Farmers’ Cooperative group to manage and protect Kakamega, the only rainforest in Kenya. They began growing the evergreen camphor tree, which produces medicinal oil.

crane flying

Cooperation for coexistence

For Thailand’s rich biodiversity and the survival of endangered species, the developments of the past 30 years pose two particular threats: habitat loss and degradation and over-exploitation of natural resources. Discover what they do to fight it.