One of the most important parts of participating in an international conference is honing the skill of negotiation.  In this section the art of negotiation will be explored in greater detail.

Negotiation GMUN delegates discuss within their committees

Negotiation is the art of reaching agreement. The basic aim is to make sure that other participants have sufficient incentives to agree to an outcome that serves your objectives. Read more here.

Process of Negotiation

The only way to achieve your delegation's objectives through negotiation is to reach agreement with other delegations. This section focuses on strategies and tactics for reaching agreement on the text of a resolution. More on the Process of Negotiation here.

Competitive Bargaining vs. Cooperative Problem Solving

One of the biggest challenges of negotiation is that there are two different approaches which call for opposite strategies. This section gives an overview of both approaches and provides a rationale for why only one of them is appropriate for international conferences. Find out more about Competitive Bargaining vs. Cooperative Problem Solving.


Negotiation is difficult and, like other difficult activities, preparation is essential. Successful negotiators prepare for negotiation by making a plan. More on Preparation here.