Do I need to register with or be certified by the United Nations when organizing a Model UN conference?

No. Model UN clubs and conferences operate independently from the United Nations. You are welcome to inform us about your Model UN by writing to But please note that the United Nations does not endorse or certify Model UN events.


How do I register to participate in Model UNs?

The United Nations does not organize Model UN conferences. In that regard, you could search for local organizers online or through your school. You may also reach out to the United Nations Information Centre in your area for local opportunities and resources.


Can I invite someone from the UN to speak at our Model UN conference?

Our office does not have the funds to send an official to your conference if it is taking place outside of New York.

However, we will be happy to provide your conference with a written and/or video message from the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Please send your request to once your conference’s dates and location are set. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the United Nations Speakers Bureau to request a United Nations expert to speak at your location.


How can I contribute to the work of the UN as a student?

There are many ways for young people to engage with the United Nations. For example:

Click here to read more about youth opportunities at the UN.


Can you sponsor our Model UN event or provide a scholarship for participants?

The United Nations does not provide financial assistance of any kind for students participating in Model UN events and activities.


I have been selected to participate in a Model UN conference, but it is charging me an entry fee. Is it legitimate?

Model UN conferences are independently held by schools or and other organizations. They are not affiliated with the United Nations. You may contact the organizers directly to have your concerns addressed.


I want to use the United Nations emblem in the promotional materials of my Model UN conference. Is that allowed?

Use and display of the United Nations emblem is highly restricted and essentially limited to the activities of the United Nations. You may not use any trademark, official mark, official emblem, flag or logo of the United Nations, or any of its other means of promotion or publicity, to represent or imply an association or affiliation with the United Nations without the United Nations’ prior written consent.

If a Model UN wishes to obtain authorization to use the United Nations logo or the crossed olive branches for the specified duration of a Model UN conference, a written request to the Secretary of the United Nations Publications Board should be submitted. Use of the logo on a permanent basis will not be authorized. All requests for the use of the United Nations logo should be sent to