Raise awareness to #FightRacism

As racism continues to affect societies worldwide, people from all walks of life are raising their voices against discrimination. All of us can contribute to this global movement and every action - even the smallest one - counts. You too can make a difference right here and right now. This page includes creative material to help you kick start your social media advocacy. All social media cards are free for download and sharing.

Racism is built on harmful stereotypes and a lack of awareness. Help spread the message that a world free of racism is in our reach and encourage your social network to take a stand against hate.

Use #FightRacism and share these campaign assets to start your own conversation on social media.

Fight Racism social media card 1
Fight Racism social media card 2
Fight Racism social media card 3
Fight Racism social media card 4
Fight Racism social media card 5
Fight Racism social media card 6

Visit The UN GIPHY account to use the #FightRacism campaign stickers in your social media conversations.

giphy hashtag social media sticker
giphy social media sticker

State proudly your rejection of hate and your commitment to #FightRacism on your social media profiles.

social media card
social media card

Thank you for amplifying the United Nations #FightRacism campaign.

Find out further actions you can take everyday to tackle racism and/or read our tips for educators to kick racist prejudices out of the classroom.