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Roma, Sinti, Travellers

NOT Discrimination

UN Action

UN Human Rights Office

The UN Human Rights Office works in a number of countries to strengthen the effective exercise of human rights by Roma, Sinti and Travellers. It does this through supporting work to develop government policies on Roma inclusion, strengthening the capacities of Roma – and in particular Romani women – to take part in local, regional, national and international decision-making, as well as by working to challenge patterns and practices of discrimination and abuse. A number of Roma rights activists from countries around the world have also taken part in OHCHR’s minority fellowship programme.


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Where are we?

The UN Special Rapporteur on minority issues has expressed concern about the alarming rise in recent years of intimidation, aggression and violence against Roma minorities, including scapegoating and hate speech through social media. Racial bias and discrimination has resurfaced during the COVID-19 pandemic with false rumours against Roma minorities.