Let us all #FightRacism

Racism, xenophobia and intolerance are problems prevalent in all societies. However, there are many ways you can take action!

Talk and Advocate

Avoid being silent

If you see something, say something!

Call out and/or report racism and hate speech, in real life or online.

Start conversations

Engage in open and constructive discussions.

Engage in open and constructive discussions with your social circle that allow for concrete solutions to be explored.

Join the conversation on social with #FightRacism.

Change the narrative

Look out for our stories of people who decided to fight racism and spread the message that racism can be eradicated from our world.

Raise awareness

Show your support and share the facts using your social media channels and wherever you can.

Photo ©UNDP Dominican Republic

Educate and Reflect

Educate yourself

Learn about the many ways racism can impact all aspects of our societies but also about the concrete solutions to eradicate it.

Learn with others

Look for opportunities to engage with people who are different from you - whether in ethnicity, religious belief or culture - to understand how racism might affect them.

Teach children and youth

Empower the future generation to #FightRacism and cultivate values of respect in young minds.

Whether in the classroom or at home, celebrate diversity and differences, offer alternative role models and do not shy away from discussing - in an age-appropriate way - racism and discrimination with children.

Check out the tips we've provided to educators for fighting racism.

Photo ©UN Photo/Manuel Elías


Give your time and/or skills

Consider volunteering your time and sharing your skills directly in support of vulnerable groups and initiatives working to end racism.

Check out **@unvolunteers** or look for organizations in your community to find opportunities to make a difference!


You can make financial donations to organizations that advance the cause of racial justice and #FightRacism.

Photo: ©UN Photo/Yubi Hoffmann

Exercise Your Rights

Freedom of association

Join an organization to advance the rights of minorities in your community.

Right to take part in political life

Give your vote to political groups that work to #FightRacism and contact your elected representative to push for anti-racism policies.

Right to freedom of speech and opinions

Sign a petition in support of anti-racist initiatives.

Peaceful protest

Consider joining or organizing peaceful protests when it’s safe to do so.

Photo: ©UN Photo/Evan Schneider