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Capacity-building Workshop on Productive Capacity and the Use of Trade-related International Support Measures (ISMs) for LDC Graduation

From 3-6 November 2015 the Committee for Development Policy (CDP) Secretariat of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs held a four-day workshop in Geneva to help LDCs benefit more from international support measures (ISMs) and to prepare for possible graduation from the category. Senior policymakers attended from Bhutan, The Gambia, Lesotho, Nepal, Timor Leste, Uganda and Vanuatu, along with officials from UN agencies and other international institutions. The workshop focused on how to strategically orient the economy to develop productive capacity for trade, defined as the productive resources, entrepreneurial capabilities and production linkages which together determine the capacity of a country to produce goods and services and enable it to grow and develop sustainably. 

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About Capacity Development

The Development Policy and Analysis Division leads DESA's capacity-development and policy-advisory activities on macro-economic issues. Activities focus on training and advising policy-makers in developing countries to enhance their analytical capacities in designing coherent macroeconomic, social and environmental policies; reducing vulnerability to volatility in the global economy; and enabling LDCs make the most adequate use of benefits derived from the LDC category. The use of analytical and training tools, tailored to country needs, facilitate the implementation of activities.

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