UNPSA Winner Announcement

Thank you, Ms. Nyamayaro,

As you mentioned, the United Nations Public Service Awards recognize excellence in public service delivery worldwide, and each year we are inspired by the innovations we receive, both large and small, from local to national level. 

More than this, we are inspired by the creativity and tenacity of the public servants and their partners who bring these initatives to life.

For the 2022 UN Public Service Awards we received more than 350 inovative submissions from 58 countries across all regions.

We considered innovations across four categories: 

One: innovation to deliver inclusive and equitable services; 
Two: enhancing the effectiveness of public institutions to reach the SDGs;
Three: promoting gender-responsive public services;
And four: a special category, on Institutional resilience and innovative responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This category was exceptionally introduced this year to highlight the immense efforts and good practices that public institutions have implemented to fight COVID-19 and contain the social and economic fallout from the pandemic.

Across these four categories, 10 initatives have been chosen to be receive the 2022 UN Public Service Award.

All the winning initiatives demonstrated excellence and innovation in delivering public services with a people-centric approach. 

They have committed themselves to providing more efficient public services, which are indispensable to achieving sustainable development. 
With this in mind, I am delighted to announce the winners of the 2022 UN Public Service Awards.

Category one
For category one Fostering innovation to deliver inclusive and equitable services for all, the award goes to:
1.    The Digital Economy Promotion Agency of Thailand for its initiative - Koh Libong Community: Digital Transformation for Smart Environment 

Category two
For category two on Enhancing the effectiveness of public institutions to reach the SDGs, three initatives have been awarded. The awards go to:
1.    The Department of Science and Technology, Republic of the Philippines - Science for Change Program (S4CP). 

2.    The State-owned Enterprise Prozzo.Sale, Ukraine for Prozzo.Sale. 

3.    The City Hall of Recife, the Republic of Brazil for  the Community Peace Center. 

Category three
For category three on Promoting gender-responsive public services to achieve the SDGs, two initatives have been awarded. The awards go to:
1.    The Capital Region Urban Transport of India, Mo Bus initiative 

2.    The Commission for Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work – Quebec, Canada for the Implementation of the Pay Equity Act. 

Special Category: Category 4
For the special category on Institutional resilience and innovative responses to the COVID-19 pandemic four initatives have been awarded. The awards go to:
1.    The Saudi Data and AI Authority, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the Tawakkalna App 
2.    The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, the Republic of Poland, for the System of Records of the State Sanitary Inspection (SEPIS)
3.    The National Authority for Government Innovation, Panama, for Panavac19
4.    The Department of Rural and Community Development, Republic of Ireland, for the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme

While we could only award a select few initiatives under this year’s special category, I would also like to recognize the cases submitted from Austria, Bangladesh, Macao SAR of China, Columbia, Republic of Korea, and Singapore.  These short-listed entries under this category contain valuable lessons and are available on the UNPSA Innovation Hub.

The Hub, which is accessible via the UN DESA website, is a depository of all the initiatives from 2015, searchable by SDG. Here, you can find more detailed information about all our winning initiatives along with the more than 350 cases received for the UN Public Service Programme this year. 

While it is unfortunate we could not hold the Award Ceremony this year we are excited about recognizing the winning institutions in person at our next UN Public Service Forum and Award Ceremony. 

I wish to extend my special congratulations to the ten winning institutions for this year’s award and wish you all a very happy UN Public Service Day.


File date: 
Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Mr. Liu