Capacity Building

DESA responds to Member States’ requests for strengthening their capacities to address the complex economic, social, and environmental challenges the world is facing today. 

We work closely with the UN Resident Coordinators to translate global commitments into local action. Our capacity development support may consist of advisory services and short-term support with specific and urgent challenges, as well as by committing longer-term resources for hybrid programmes that combine in-person trainings and digital engagement.  

We will explore the right delivery method on a case-by-case basis together with representatives of Member States and partners to ensure we pave the way for meaningful and long-lasting change

Learn more about our longer-term capacity development projects around the world. 

To learn more, visit our Capacity Development website with more details on the type of support we provide and an overview of current and past projects. 

Interested national entities, Resident Coordinator Offices and partners can also contact us through the Capacity Development Programme Management Office (CDPMO) with questions or suggestions on how UN DESA could support their work.  

Learn more about how to work with us and request our support.