Innovating the future of public service

From home schools and offices to remote doctor’s appointments and online tax filing, the COVID-19 pandemic pressed the fast-forward button on the global shift to e-government. We talk to Rosa Pavanelli, General Secretary of Public Services International, the global union federation of workers in public services, about the promise and challenges of delivering public services in the age of digital revolution.

A boy waves in front of solar panels that provide electricity to pump water, in Herat, western Afghanistan.

Foundations announce $1 billion fund for renewables in emerging economies as over 45 ministers review plans to achieve clean, affordable energy for all

Efforts to accelerate global actions to ensure that all people have access to clean energy and electricity received a lift today as The IKEA Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation announced plans to launch a $1 billion fund to boost access to renewable energy in developing countries...

Time to take bold energy action for people and planet

The energy level is rising. Some 30 Global Champion ministers, major businesses, cities, youth networks...

A camel stand in a windmill park on the outskirt of Nouakchott, Mauritania.

Proposed global roadmap shows how universal access to sustainable energy can be achieved by 2030

Everyone in the world could have access to clean, affordable energy...

Cutting the cost of family remittances

Every day, millions of families around the world visit their post offices, banks and money transfer operators to collect money sent to them by their relatives working abroad. 

UNDP provides care services and improves living conditions for elderly Georgians in need.

Violence against elderly has risen during COVID, UN expert warns

With “entrenched ageist attitudes” already undermining the autonomy of elder persons in making their own choices and decisions...

Equality between women and men: a must to recover better

As much of the world is gearing up for a post-pandemic recovery, some persistent gaps urgently need to be addressed to reduce inequalities and ensure a robust and inclusive recovery. 

5 things you should know about persons with disabilities

Roughly 15% of the world’s population, around 1 billion people, live with a disability. It can be a physical, developmental, emotional or a sensory impairment. 

End war on nature and ensure ocean health, UN chief says in message for World Oceans Day

Ending the “war on nature” must be part of global recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic...

Portable solar systems in rural Mongolia

Universal access to sustainable energy will remain elusive without addressing inequalities

During the last decade, a greater share of the global population gained access to electricity than ever before...

‘Simply no scenario’ where humanity can survive on an ocean-free planet

The world must harness “clear, transformative and actionable solutions” to address the ocean crisis...

Recognizing growing urgency, global leaders call for concrete commitments for clean, affordable energy for all

Momentum builds for ambitious Energy Compacts by countries, businesses, cities to advance climate goals... 

New paths to sustainably manage forests and oceans

An estimated 1.6 billion people, or 25 per cent of the global population, rely on forests for their subsistence needs, livelihoods, employment and income.

Blue train to Ella, Nine Arch Bridge, Sri Lanka

Improved connectivity, not urban migration, is the best way to help people in world’s rural areas develop, UN says

New approaches made possible through improved access and Internet ...

UN development system responds with ‘solid score’ in face of COVID-19 test

As the world continues to tackle the multiple impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, from pushing some 131 million people...