With the world facing numerous crises – the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, deepening inequalities and climate change, just to name a few – the need for global solidarity has become ever more urgent.

The good news is that the world already has a framework, adopted by every country, aimed at building the world we want by 2030: the Sustainable Development Goals.

As the United Nations gears up for its annual SDG review in July, the UN DESA will hold two Global Policy Dialogues in June to take a closer look at the goals that will be examined in depth. One event, on 21 June, will look at the links between SDG 4 on quality education and SDG 5 for gender equality. Another, on 23 June, will discuss SDG 14 for the ocean and SDG 15 on forests. The need for partnership for the goals (SDG 17) will be a common thread through both sessions.

These interactive sessions will feature conversations between sustainable development experts, young people and innovators who will share new ideas for ensuring that all boys and girls can benefit from education, correcting gender imbalances, protecting ecosystems and adapting to climate change. These dialogues will help set the tone for the UN High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, to be held in New York from 5 to 15 July, where 45 countries will share their individual progress toward our global goals.

The collective actions that we take now to recover from the pandemic while tackling worsening inequalities, growing tensions and the climate crisis will set us back on track towards achieving the SDGs— the roadmap for creating inclusive, green and prosperous societies.

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