Closing Remarks 2016 High-level Segment of the Economic and Social Council

Your Excellency, Mr. Oh Joon, President of the Economic and Social Council,Honourable Ministers,Excellencies,Ladies and Gentlemen,

I wish to congratulate you, Mr. President, and all Bureau Members on a successful and productive 2016 High-level Segment of the Economic and Social Council.

This Segment was marked by the ministerial-level meeting of the HLPF, and the ground-breaking voluntary national presentations by twenty-two countries. I wish to commend all of them.

Follow-up and review of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda is instrumental for achieving its high ambitions. Successful realization of the Agenda can be ensured through a robust follow-up and review process put in place from the start.

We are off to an excellent start.

The High-level Segment offered several key messages for the implementation for the 2030 Agenda:

First, strong sense of national ownership is the key leading to the success, which has permeated throughout the meeting.

Second, increasingly complex development challenges call for integrated policy responses. Policy integration across the three dimensions of sustainable development needs to become the new operating standard for all actors and sectors.

Third, implementation of a revitalized global partnership for sustainable development is an imperative. This partnership must be founded on strong political will, enduring action, and a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders.

Third, an inclusive follow-up and review is fundamental.

And finally, Member States have urged the United Nations development system to continue to align itself with the 2030 Agenda to support implementation.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

These past two days we have had focused and forward-looking discussions in the High-level Meeting of the Development Cooperation Forum.

The imperative and future direction of development cooperation were re-affirmed. International development partners should work together with those in deepest poverty, and with weakest capacities, to ensure that no one is left behind.

We have heard examples of institutions, of developed and developing countries and state and non-state actors, including civil society, private sector and Parliaments. They are adapting in line with the 2030 Agenda – and in support of priorities and systems of developing countries, where still more intensive and innovative efforts are called for.

We have heard the strong urge for the fulfilment and prioritization of ODA commitments, which remains an important driver of development cooperation.

Meanwhile, we have exchanged ideas around the complementary contributions of South-South cooperation.

The discussions also pointed to tremendous capacity gaps and new opportunities

Challenges in data collection, data convergence and data disaggregation were a common theme throughout, especially for least developed countries and other countries in vulnerable situations.

The Meeting highlighted the need to strengthen the qualitative dimension of multi-layered monitoring and accountability systems for development cooperation. And, the need to mainstream inclusive multi-stakeholder partnership and bottom-up approaches in all forms of development cooperation.

There was a strong consensus that all actors, including parliamentarians, should work together towards more accountable and country-owned development cooperation, with a strong focus on sustainable development results.

The Department of Economic and Social Affairs, as Secretariat to the HLPF, ECOSOC and many of the functional commissions and expert bodies, will ensure continued effective support for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda in keeping with the demands of the new development framework.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The implementation of the 2030 Agenda has begun. The action taken now will influence the Agenda’s timely realization.

We must therefore, build on the number of inspiring examples where development cooperation is working.

We trust that you will maintain the dedication and decisiveness demonstrated this week, and move even further.

In this endeavor, ECOSOC can count on my Department’s continued full support.

Thank you.
File date: 
Friday, July 22, 2016
Mr. Wu