General Matters

Secretariat of the Board

The United Nations provides the Board with a full-time secretariat headed by an Executive Secretary who provides technical, administrative, and secretarial support to the Board and its Audit Operations Committee. The Executive Secretary advises the members of the Board and the Audit Operations Committee on administrative and financial practices and procedures of the United Nations organizations.

Sources of Funding

The resources (travel, subsistence and salaries of national supporting staff) required for carrying out the external audit function at United Nations organizations, are determined by the Board with reference to the particular audits to be performed during each year of the biennium. These costs are borne by the various organizations of the United Nations.

Previous and Current Members to the Board

Members of the Board of Auditors

Members of the Board of Auditors during the 67th Special Session, July 2013, New York

Auditors-General (or equivalent titles) of the following countries were members of the Board, as indicated:

Meetings of the Board

The Board of Auditors meets twice a year. The 69th Regular Session will be held on 22-23 July 2015 at the UN Headquarters in New York and the Special Session will be held in 9 December 2015 in Geneva.

Members of the Board of Auditors during the 42nd Special Session in December 2012, New York.

Members of the Board of Auditors with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (4th from the right)
during the 67th Special Session in July 2013, New York

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