Call for applications for the 2016 UN-DESA Grant on Energy for Sustainable Development

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN-DESA) is pleased to announce its call for applications for the 2016 UN-DESA Grant on Energy for Sustainable Development. The thematic focus for the 2016 Grant is “Energy for Sustainable Transport”.

The 2016 Grant, which carries an award of US$1 million US dollars to fund capacity building activities, seeks to advance sustainable development by encouraging scientific and technological innovations and fostering leadership initiatives and innovative actions that improve energy for sustainable transport, while addressing economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Applications are open to individuals, institutions or partnerships based on past and current achievements. Successful recipients should be able to demonstrate leadership and innovation in energy for sustainable transport, as well as willingness and ability to implement knowledge transfer through capacity building activities aimed at replicating and scaling up successful experiences and lessons learned.

The Grant carries an award of one million US dollars to fund such capacity building activities.


Ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all


Promoting leadership and innovative practices in meeting the global energy challenge.


Applications are accepted online only. To access the online application form, please see

For eligibility requirements and selection criteria, please see

Applications must be submitted in English by 15 July 2016

For queries and additional information, please send emails to


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