Celebrating 70 years of development

In 2015, the United Nations celebrated its 70th anniversary. It was a year to highlight and reflect upon seven decades of global collaboration to promote peace, security, human rights, development and our joint efforts to conquer some of the most pressing challenges facing our world.

UN DESA has been playing a vital part in these efforts.  As the entity of the UN Secretariat responsible for development, the department works closely with governments and other partners to find concrete solutions to economic, social and environmental challenges. Throughout decades, UN DESA’s in-depth policy analysis has helped resolve many of the world’s most pressing socio-economic issues. 

VIDEO SERIES: 70 years of development in 70 seconds

Through UN DESA’s “70 years of development in 70 seconds” series featuring seven videos and brief stories, the department’s work to promote development for all has been highlighted.  The series spotlights topics including indigenous peoples, disability rights, financing and economy, population trends, good governance, poverty eradication, forests and sustainable development.

70 years of public administration and governance

70 years of economic development and finance

70 years of eradication of poverty

70 years of global population development

Find out more about the 70th Anniversary of the UN and the History of the Organization.

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