Capacity Development Programme Management Office

The Office provides strategic support to the effective translation of the outcomes of intergovernmental processes in the areas of economic, social and environmental development, including the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, into the Department’s operational programmes and capacity development work. It assists the Department in delivering integrated policy advisory services and other forms of capacity development support drawing on the expertise of UN DESA’s subprogrammes, as a contribution to the formulation of national sustainable development strategies. These include the identification of policy options to balance the achievement of social, economic, and environmental goals. The Office promotes programme cooperation within the UN Secretariat and with other UN entities, in line with the call for a more coherent and coordinated system-wide approach in implementing the 2030 Agenda including the SDGs.

The Office also provides management oversight of UN DESA’s capacity development work, including thorough monitoring, evaluation and reporting on the Department’s capacity development deliverables. It provides programme support to UN DESA’s capacity development activities through efficient and effective administration and management of financial and human resources.

Mr. Haitian Lu, Chief

Main Activities

  • Support to strategic programming;
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting on deliverables;
  • Management and administration of financial and human resources;
  • Delivery of extensive capacity development training workshops and seminars;
  • Management of Junior Professional Officer and Fellowship Programmes;
  • Management of the Development Account.
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