Everything you need to know about the UN World Data Forum

In just over a month, members of the data community from every corner of the world will meet in virtual space for the most important data event of the year – the United Nations World Data Forum. We talked to Francesca Perucci of UN DESA’s Statistics Division to discover what we can expect from this event.

Everyone who’s anyone in the world of data is expected to join the UN World Data Forum. What makes this event so special and what can we expect of this year’s edition?

This year, the World Data Forum will be held virtually, which provides an opportunity to reach a much wider range of data experts who would otherwise be unable to travel to the Forum venue.

The technology we will use at the 2020 Virtual UN World Data Forum will bring together under one virtual “roof” data experts and leaders from governments, private sector, civil society, academia, media and many more. The participants will share their latest experiences and innovations, launch and expand initiatives and partnerships, and renew the call for intensified efforts and political commitments to meet the data demands of the COVID-19 crisis and for delivering on the SDGs

The World Data Forum is expected to launch the Global Data Community’s response to COVID‑19 – a call for accelerated progress across the previously agreed areas of action, focusing on the immediate needs related to the pandemic and for increased political and financial support for data throughout the COVID‑19 pandemic and beyond.

We will also have a conversation on how to build a global consensus on strategies to address trust in data, privacy and governance.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that timely, trusted data can literally be a matter of life and death. What are some of the solutions the World Data Forum will discuss to make that data available to policymakers?

Members of the data community will showcase their answers to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis. They are expected to stress the urgent need for increased data interactions between Governments and data producers, and to renew their call for increased investment in data and statistics, an issue already raised in the second World Data Forum’s Dubai Declaration.

The programme of the Forum includes three high-level plenaries on leaving no one behind, on data use and on trust in data. This last session will coincide with the 2020 World Statistics Day, on 20th October, which will be celebrated under the theme “Connecting the world with data we can trust”.

How can I take part in the UN World Data Forum? 

You can register at: where you will receive a ticket with instructions on how to create your profile on the Attendify platform.

Once signed up, you will have access to:

  • Pre-recorded sessions (available starting 12 October 2020)
  • Programme with live sessions (19 – 21 October 2020)
  • Networking opportunities (available starting 15 September).

Thank you very much and see you at the UN World Data Forum!

See you there!

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