Launch of first divisional website in 6 UN languages

UN DESA’s Division for Public Administration and Development Management (DPADM) launched its newly redesigned website today.

With the availability of its content in all six official languages of the United Nations, DPADM aims to enhance the outreach and accessibility of the department’s work in the area of public administration to all UN Member States and other stakeholders, particularly to highlight the essential and critical roles of public administration in supporting the newly adopted sustainable development goals and targets.

In addition, the new website is geared towards improving the user’s online experience through:

  • Responsive web design for users with tablets and mobile devices
  • Increase in availability, accessibility, clarity, credibility and relevancy of content
  • Ease of navigation and readability to help users find information with fewer clicks
  • Focus on quality content and website copywriting for usability
  • An aesthetically pleasing experience with an organized and clean look
  • Better accessibility in all screen resolutions
  • Compatibility with all major web browsers

For more information on UN DESA’s work in the area of public administration and development management, visit

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