Hunger Games star presents UNDEF documentary

UNDEF Board member Jeffrey Wright, the award-winning actor currently starring in the Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Boardwalk Empire, came to the UN television studio to record the narration for a documentary  on an UNDEF project. Jeffrey Wright was also featured in the in The New York Times Magazine for his heroic efforts to bring successful ethical gold exploration to Sierra Leone. “When I’m not busy acting on stage or screen, I’m an advocate for the people of Sierra Leone,” Mr. Wright said in the UNDEF documentary. “As a member of the Board of the UN Democracy Fund, UNDEF, I’m especially excited to tell you this story about one of our Sierra Leone projects: Building the Capacity of First-Time Parliamentarians. Like all UNDEF projects, it’s carried out by civil society organizers working to engage all groups in democratic processes. I hope you will be inspired by the men and women you are about to meet in this film. The message is clear. Let’s not wait for Governments to act. Let’s organize. Let’s be the doers of democracy." View the UNDEF documentary here, and read the The New York Times Magazine article here.